What we do

AJ-Images is a small multimedia production firm based in Kiel, Germany. We produce our own films and podcasts, but we also offer services in content producing, editing, social media management, translations, graphic design as well as in writing and proofreading. Please look under Services to read more about the services we offer.

We are currently working on two major documentary projects: (ON THE ROAD TO AL JOLSON and THE VILNIUS JEWISH PUBLIC LIBRARY). Both projects are intimately connected with Jewish history and culture. We work and live in Germany, but regularly give talks and presentations in England and the USA. Our films have been screened at festivals and congresses in the USA, Canada, England, Germany, Malta, and Australia as well as at movie theaters and art galleries in Germany.


In New York City 2006

Producer Jens Reinke at the Jolson Society Meeting in Bromley (UK) 2008

Reflections on the road

Our film premiere in Kiel | July 2009

Andrea relaxing and replenishing in the woods | Kiel, August 2009

Jens Reinke on a road trip somewhere between Ohio and Florida Andrea and Jens in snowy and windy Chicago 2008 Director Andrea Oberheiden in New York City 2007

Who we are

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How it all started

Andrea and Jens met each other at Kiel University in 2003. After they had come across the Jewish American entertainer Al Jolson in one of their lectures, Andrea developed the idea for the documentary: ''On the Road to Al Jolson''. With that project, AJ-Images was born.

They got in touch with Wyman Brent, the founder of the Vilnius Jewish Public Library, in 2010. Together with him and with the help of the International Al Jolson Society, they managed to put all of Jolson's film and music work on the shelves of the library to make it available to the public in Jolson's country of origin. Wyman joined the AJ-Images team in 2012 as the international public relations officer. In the same year, Andrea and Wyman got married; one year later their son Glenn Jolson was born.

The areas of responsibility cannot be strictly separated in such a small team, but there are differences in the team members' talents and qualifications: Andrea is the creative mind in our team and responsible for ideas and their artistic realization, no matter if it is in regard of our own projects or customer orders. She also functions as webmaster and represents AJ-Images in different social media channels. Jens is in charge of the overall coordination (research, schedules, finances) and shares the position of public relations officer with Wyman.

Please feel free to look around, to leave a comment in our guestbook and to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions!